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        Protecting Wealth

        Citizens Bank Wealth Management

        We plan for what we want to happen, but are you prepared for the unexpected? Let us help you plan for both and protect what matters most to you.

        Questions? Ask a Citizen.
        Questions? Ask a Citizen.

        Protect Your Standard of Living

        Our Financial Advisors will work with you to develop your personalized protection plan that may include life insurance, long-term care, disability insurance and income protection.

        Complimentary Policy Review

        Has your insurance coverage grown with your needs? We can provide a no obligation review so you can see where you stand.

        Protecting Your Business

        Business owners have unique needs. We can help you develop business and family protection strategies.

        Wealth Resources

        Citizens has insurance to fit your life.

        Term Life Insurance
        Permanent Life Insurance
        Disability Income Insurance
        Long-Term Care Insurance
        • Life insurance policy that you pay for a set period of time (5-30 years)
        • Provides a death benefit for that period of time
        • Life insurance policy that remains in place for your entire life, as long as premiums are paid
        • Includes a "cash value" account that you can access through policy loans and withdrawals.
        • Insurance designed to replace a portion of your income if injury or illness prevents you from earning a living
        • Can supplement social security and employer disability insurance plans to help meet living or other expenses
        • Insurance designed to cover long-term services and support
        • Coverage can include personal and custodial care such as your home, community organization or other facility
        • Provides for your beneficiaries, alleviating debt, living expenses and future financial goals (college, retirement)
        • Can be used in business succession planning
        • Effective for your entire lifetime
        • Can be used as part of estate and business planning
        • Key component of protecting your family, such as a special needs child
        • Can supplement social security and employer disability insurance plans to help meet living or other expenses
        • Critical to self-employed and contract workers who do not have access to employer-sponsored insurance programs
        • Can cover the cost of allowing you to live the lifestyle you want in your later years, (stay in your home with a care provider)
        • Reduce the burden of care on your loved ones

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