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        Questions? Ask a Citizen.

        Tips for ideal speed and functionality

        It is our mission to make sure we always provide you with the best experience possible. While most browsers will allow you to access our site, older versions may limit your ability to access some of the site functionality.

        To ensure you get the most from your visit, our recommendations to optimize your citizensbank.com experience are listed below.

        Minimum Browser Requirements for Online Banking

        Desktop PC's Windows 7 or higher operating system

        Mac OS version 10.9 or higher operating system

        Minimum Browser Requirements Minimum Browser Requirements
        Internet Explorer 11* or higher Safari 10 or higher
        Chrome 56 or higher Chrome 56 or higher
        Firefox 51 or higher Your browser should support TLS version 1.2 or higher
        Edge (Windows 10 or higher)
        Your browser should support TLS version 1.2 or higher
        * If using Microsoft IE version 11, and you receive the error message" Stronger security is required", turn off TLS 1.0 in Internet Options/Advanced Settings

        Minimum Requirements for Mobile Banking

        Apple IOS9 or higher

        Android 5.0 or higher

        You will also need access to the Internet using the default browser(s) included by your mobile device or the latest CitizensBank mobile banking app.


        Screen Resolution

        The site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 and above.

        Use of Cookies

        For a more personalized site experience citizensbank.com will pass small pieces of data (cookies) from our web server to your browser. This data is saved on your browser so that we can easily recognize you, and some of your preferred settings, on your future visits.

        To learn more about managing your browser's ability to accept cookies, simply select "Help" from your browser's toolbar.

        Use of Javascript

        Many of citizensbank.com's interactive features, including our online tools, utilize a scripting language called JavaScript. In order for you to fully utilize these enhanced features, JavaScript must be enabled on your browser.

        To learn more about enabling JavaScript, simply select “Help” from your browser's toolbar.

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