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        Living In Retirement


        Questions? Ask a Citizen.
        Questions? Ask a Citizen.

        You can manage your retirement income with careful planning, investing, and a diligent review.

        We can help you refine your retirement income strategy. Ask a Citizens Investment Services Financial Advisor for an objective second look at your retirement income plan and learn:

        • How to adjust your savings withdrawal rate to help extend your assets
        • How to adjust your asset allocation
        • How to receive more predictable retirement income
        • How to handle required minimum distributions (RMDs) of income after you turn 70½

        Need help managing your money while living in retirement?

        Start with a call or visit with a Financial Advisor from Citizens Investment Services. The more you know about your retirement investment options, the better prepared you will be to make smart decisions. Simply call 1-800-242-2224.

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