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        Banking and Credit Cards

        Saving, spending, or borrowing.
        Whatever you need to do with money, we’ve got a solution to help you do it better.

        Checking Accounts

        Get the account that meets your priorities for day to day banking.

        Savings Options

        From basic savings to money markets and fixed-interest rate CDs, we'll help you find a savings strategy that suits your goals.

        Credit Cards

        Get the card that fits your life and spending style with cash back rewards, low interest rates, and other benefits.

        Online and Mobile Banking

        Simplify your banking – and your life – with secure, 24-hour access that ensures your money keeps up with you.*

        Budget Planner Calculator

        The key to managing your money is tracking your spending and sticking to a budget.

        How to Switch Banks

        Thinking about changing banks? Our helpful guide will make it easier.


        Chat with us, call 1-877-360-2472 or locate a branch.

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        May We Suggest

        New to Citizens Bank? Here are some of our most requested products and most popular areas of interest.