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        Strengthening the communities where we live and work. That's what Citizens Helping Citizens is all about.

        Citizenship is at the heart of who we are, rooted in the belief that when people and communities reach their potential, we all thrive. Through our Citizens Helping Citizens initiative, we invest our time, resources and energy to support the communities in which we live and work.

        Visit the Citizens Bank Corporate Responsibility Report to learn how Citizens Bank is investing in our future through our colleagues, communities, customers and shareholders.

        June 25, 2020: READY FOR CHANGE

        This is an inflection point in our journey for social equity. Learn more about the actions we’re taking to drive meaningful progress. Read More >

        How We Help The Community

        Covid-19 Community Relief

        COVID-19 Community Relief

        Citizens Bank directed more than $5 million to support recovery efforts across the communities it serves, through COVID-19 relief funds and small business support. You'll find details about our commitment, financial assistance, fraud prevention tips, and much more on our resource page.

        Learn more on our COVID-19 Resource Center.

        Small Business Community Support

        Here's where business owners and general consumers can get information about the full scope of the community support that Citizens is providing to help to assist in the economic recovery.

        Learn more about our Small Business Community Support.

        Small Business Community Support

        Charitable Giving & Sponsorships

        Charitable Giving & Sponsorships

        Citizens Bank looks for opportunities where our funding can have a clear, measurable impact on the community. We provide contributions and sponsorships, which support organizations across our footprint.

        Learn more or apply for a Contribution or Sponsorship.

        Manage Money

        Working with local nonprofits, we support educational programs that help adults and children develop healthy financial habits. Citizens Bank also partners with Junior Achievement (JA), the nation’s largest organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their futures, and make smart academic and economic choices.

        Learn more about our Manage Money program.

        Manage Money

        Fight Hunger

        Fight Hunger

        We are committed to fighting hunger in our local communities through contributions, colleague volunteers and food drives. Citizens Bank supports local food banks, food pantries, meal sites and other hunger relief programs through our partnership with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

        Learn more about our Fight Hunger program.

        Strengthen Communities

        At Citizens Bank, we spotlight the unsung heroes that make a difference in our communities through our Champions In Action program and partnership with the Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF).

        Learn more about our Champions In Action program and partnership with the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

        Strengthen Communities

        Workforce Development

        Workforce Development

        Unveiling potential within young professionals and supporting the local community are some of our core values at Citizens Bank. We have partnered with organizations like Year Up since 2005, a program that empowers low-income young adults to transition from minimum wage jobs to professional careers in just one year.


        We support our colleagues who dedicate their time to charitable causes that are meaningful to them. In 2019, our colleagues provided more than 144,000 hours of volunteer service across our communities. To encourage personal giving, we double the charitable contributions of our colleagues to eligible nonprofits.


        Additional Resources

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